Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

Hyper Pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation may either be due to increased melanin deposition in the epidermis or dermis. There are various types of hyper pigmentation disorders -

1. Melasma: Seen as brown patches on the face, commonly seen in females. It occurs due to hormonal changes in the body and increases on sun exposure.

2. Peri-orbital melanosis: Also known as 'dark circles'. They may be heriditary or due to stress or eye strain.

3. Freckles and Lentigenes: These are tiny black spots on the face and are genetic in origin.

4. Photomelanosis: This is increased pigmentation due to sun exposure. The pigmentation occurs on exposed skin, commonly on the face, neck and the back. The pigmentation may be patchy or as diffused darkening of the exposed skin.

5. Sun burn (tan): A condition commonly encountered in fair skinned people due to excessive sun exposure.

6. Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

At Skiin Bliss we provide -
• Chemical Peeling.
• Electrical stimulation of the skin.
• Iontophoresis.
• Intense pulse light treatment.
• Snow cell therapy.